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Outage - UNH Applicant Webcat Login Tuesday 2nd March 2021 09:27:41

Some UNH Applicant users have reported issues with logging into Webcat. System administrators are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it.

Webcat access has been restored for UNH Applicants. UNH Applicants can re-activate their accounts at

The overnight process is still running with revised expected completion around 1 pm ET. UNH Applicants can go ahead and try to re-activate their accounts at . If the account is not yet found, try again after 1 pm ET.

The problem has been resolved, but an overnight process must run to restore account access. In the morning, UNH Applicants should be able to re-activate their accounts and log into Webcat.

The problem has been identified. We are working to restore access.